Bucket List Adventures


Did you know 79% of Americans say they would rather have a cool experience than receive more stuff? So, if 79% of Americans desire experiences, then why are we purchasing gifts that people don’t want? Break the cycle and make this year different with an adventure your friends and family will never forget. Here’s 4 reasons why bucket list adventures make the best gifts.

Reason 1: The Priceless Reaction

To give a gift that is sure to rock their socks off, it pays to think outside of the box. Gifting a bucket list adventure like skydiving breaks every norm. No more of the hum drum usual suspects. If you’re hoping to make a big impression, with this bucket list adventure gift, you’re guaranteed to get one!

Reason 2: Birthdays, Holidays and Work Can Be Stressful

The beginning of a new year can be a time of great introspection. Getting older helps us realize the need to live our days to their fullest. Last year, we helped a 90-year-old veteran do just that by knocking skydiving off his list! For those without close familial ties, birthdays and holidays can be a source of sadness. For others, pressures from work, a mountain of commitments, and unrealistic expectations can cause a heap of anxiety. Gifting something as momentous as a bucket list experience can give someone something to look forward to and it may just give them the steam they need to help them power through the stress.

Reason 3: A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Long-term satisfaction is one reason gifts of experiences are growing in popularity.  A bucket list adventure is a gift that endures. The skydiving experience is something they’ll never forget for the rest of their lives. And they can leave with pictures and video to show all of their friends.

Reason 4: It Could Change a Life

Imagine the sense of fulfillment that accompanies being able to cross an experience off your bucket list. For many (and we hear all the time that it does), a major life experience positively affects their lives or at the very least, their outlooks. Sometimes it takes getting to 12,500 feet to put things in perspective. They will never forget the views and the feelings of literally being on top of the world. This year, bucket list adventures, like a beautiful, adrenaline-packed skydive, make the best gifts. Send someone the gift of a lifetime today!

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